Initial Franchise Fee
Golden Krust currently charges an initial franchise fee of $25,000 for a traditional franchise and 15,000 for a Kiosk or non-traditional franchise. You must pay the franchise fee in a lump sum when you sign the Franchise Agreement. Golden Krust estimates that approximately 60% of the Franchise Fee represents the cost to perform its pre-opening obligations for a traditional location or Kiosk . The remaining goes to FranchisorĀ“s general operating fund. If you do not locate a site for your restaurant which we have approved within one (1) year from the date you sign the Franchise agreement, we will refund to you $15,000.00 of the initial franchise fee paid for a traditional franchise and $9,000.00 for a Kiosk . Otherwise, the initial franchise fee is non-refundable. Golden Krust reserves the right to reduce or waive the initial franchise fee for employees of the franchisor or related entities who become franchisees and also for family members of the franchisor & principals

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